Week 4 activity


I am a terrible skateboarder but I always want to because it looks like so much fun. I could practice however I am also afraid of falling off the skateboard. So I thought of a new  way to skateboard that makes it wleasier for me to stay on and if I fall I’m already close to the ground so it won’t hurt as much!


I went for a run in the after noon and it felt like it was a million degrees once I finished. As I was approaching my house I saw my dad was watering the grass, I ran through it and instantly felt better!


We have a rule in our house that once you’ve used a dish you have to wash it. Unfortunately washing dishes happens to be my least favorite chore. I’m always trying to find ways to limit the amount of dishes I use, although I usually never actually do it because it’s unusual. But I thought I’d try this one out for the sake of this project. I wanted cereal and milk but didn’t want to use a bowl and spoon so I directly poured both into my mouth and totally eliminated any use of utencils!


I love jumping on the bed but in my bedroom the ceiling is low and my bed is high so I can’t jump on it without hitting my head. Sometimes I want to jump on the couch but my parents would not appreciate that. But the other day my parents were out and just my sister and I were home so I went for it and had a blast!


Sometimes when I peel tangerines they look so small and I am so tempted to fit the whole thing in my mouth. I have never done it before because its incredibly unusual and bad mannered. But I went for it and loved it! It was like having a big gulp of juice!


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