Week 5- kickstarter

The first category that interested me was dance. I always wanted to be a dancer growing up but I was terrible at it so now I enjoy watching dance. Dance is so beautiful and captivating, it’s my favorite type of art. The first video I watched, “trees of govalle forklift danceworks” I didn’t like so much. there was nothing about the video that really captivated me. When I was browsing the dance section on Kickstarter I was expecting to see some actual dancing, however this video just consisted of a lot of ¬†talking and video footage of trees. They made this video so they could raise money for a dance but the video didn’t contain any dancing in it.

The second video I watched, “Columbus moving company the art of collaboration” I thoroughly enjoyed. It totally captivated me and kept me interested because they had tons of footage of different dance recitals that the company had performed. Between clips they would enter information about the company and what the purpose of the video was for. I think they will be successful with this kickstarter because many people are going to want to watch the video since it involves something interesting to look at.

The second category I chose was food. The first video I watched called, “a shop for daly pie” totally caught my attention. This video was made so well I am craving pie so much after watching it. Even though there wasn’t a whole lot of action going on in the video it was still interesting because she had a lot of footage of yummy pies and she had an inspiring story to tell.

The second video I watched, “build Austing a blue cat cafe with rescued and adoptable cats” I didn’t like so much. Part of the reason I didn’t like it is because I thought the idea of a cat cafe to be a little odd. I absolutely love animals however when it comes to my food I prefer not to have animals around no matter how clean they are. with all those cats I can’t imagine that it would have an appealing smell. I think the video would have been better with more live footage of cats.


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