week 8- art gallery

This week I interviewed Nolan Reiter who is a BFA Printmaking major and likes to take on a challenge. Nolan uses silk screened art posters, he had gotten his different inspirations from his explorations throughout the year. His experiences have urged him to explore more to get more inspiration. This exploration sparked ideas about art that he had never imagined. Through his explorations he really began to appreciate the vibrant colors and natural art that earth provides. The specific piece I photographed was inspired by a tragic event that took place last April. Thirteen Sherpas were killed in an avalanche while escorting clients up Mt. Everest. This piece caught my attention initially because of the repetition and vibrant color. Once I heard about the tragedy and the inspiration behind this piece it grasped my attention even more because I have always wanted to climb Everest but this definitely gives me second thoughts.



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