Week 8- remix culture

I think there’s a lot of freedom and fear involved when engaging in internet culture. It can be totally liberating to let your feelings and emotions fly free on the internet however the reactions and responses from people may not always be supportive. Letting your feeling run free can be empowering however this runs a high risk to get hatred from others. Especially if something you are emitting is not culturally accepted yet, many people can publicly attack you through the internet.
I think copyright is a smart thing if you want to protect your things and entitle them to yourself. I think that copyright works that well though, I think there are a lot if rules that are easy to break and mist of the population does. I chose the copyright “attribution- noncommercial- sharealike” because I have no problem if people use my stuff as is or edited as long as they give me some type of credit.
I made my remix piece by “remixing” one of my favorite paintings. I modified it to be more modern and a but humorous. I was actually surprised to find out how hard it was to think of something to remix. Though I had a lot of fun doing it!



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