Week 10-new friend

This week I had the pleasure of meeting  the lovely Ngoc pham who goes by Savanna. I spotted her because we were both holding Starbucks cups so I approached her and asked what was her favorite Starbucks drink. I guessed she was drinking a caramel macchiato but it was just a coffee just like mine. We both had been up late studying for midterms so we needed that extra boost of caffeine. She currently lives in Newport Beach and she is a communication major just like me! She is 4 years younger so I gave her a lot of advise on what classes and teachers to take. I actually though she was a science or engineering major because she looked  smart and seemed quiet. Another thing we had in common was we went to the same high school! Unfortunately since the age gap we don’t know any mutual people. All in all it was a pleasure meeting Savannah and I was excited to pass on my communication wisdom to someone!



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