Week 11- art gallery

This weeks art gallery was very interesting with all of the dirt. The artist Susanna Ali, expressed she came from central valley where there are a ton of dairies and wild life around. This is how she started getting into “dirt art” because she had access to lots of dirt. In the future she wants to possibly teach art but definitely wants to get a studio to continueaking and selling art. She often times has to break down her artwork and has a lot of fun doing that. She sometimes has more fun breaking the artwork down than making it. Surprisingly she uses a sledge hammer to break down her art because she tried breaking it with her foot one time and injured her foot. She usually has helpers dig up the dirt from different areas. Her favorite piece was the tiny block she made. This tiny piece took a long time to make because she sifted the dirt to create extremely fine particles then tightly compacted into a block.



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