Week 11- art project

This week for the plaster casting I decided to plaster my hand. This was an interesting art project, it was so easy and cheap! I had a lot of fun creating the molding of my hand however to my dissatisfaction my hand came out unrecognizable. I made sure to pack the sand against my hand so every finger had its own hole that the plaster could seep into. Though when I pulled my dried plaster out from the sand it looked like the finger holes weren’t big enough for the plaster to get into. It just looks like the palm of my hand with tiny nubs on the end. Although the molding didn’t come out as I had hoped I still had an awesome time making it. The hardest part was getting my hand out of the sand without totally destroying the area. It took a couple tried to get my hand out without the sand caving back into the hole. All in all this was a great experience and would love to tries this with my nieces and nephews.



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