Week 12- Ashley Sharpe

Ashley sharpe loves cats, this is her way of expressing her fondness of cats, the cans in the photo I have presented represent and pay respect to cats that are now living in the spiritual world. She very surprisingly does not have any cats of her own. Theses cats that are displayed are some from her boyfriends farm, some from her roommate, and some from the internet. She wants a cat of her own but doesn’t yey have the finances for one. Once she graduates she is looking to get her masters. Her parents were a big influence on her art because they both painted. She was originally going to do graphic design but changed to print once she enrolled to CSULB. She’s graduating but doesn’t want to leave yet because there are still art classes she wants to take and learn from. I loves this gallery because I also loves cats so it was enjoyable to look at the artwork.



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