Week 12- New Friend

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Lizbeth Acosta. She is currently a freshman and a Prekinesiology major. Out of all the colleges she decided to come to CSULB because they had the best kinesiology program. Most of the people I have interviewed in this class are freshman. Of all of them Liz has been the most organized and prepared for college. She knows exactly what’s she wants to do and knows the steps to take to get there. She has already mapped out a plan that has her graduating in exactly four years, Liz is quite amazing and ambitious! Liz swam competitively in high school and was saddened to learn that CSULB does not have a swim team. She gained 20 pounds within her first semester here due to the lack of swim, however I would like to congratulate her big time because she’s been working really hard for months and finally lost the 20 pounds this week! She’s back to her high school weight and is looking fabulous! I had a great time talking with Liz and I wish her the best in her next few years here.



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