Extra credit

This semester I really enjoyed all the art projects, however there were some that I enjoyed more than others. The three projects I liked least were:
1. Fiber arts– I didn’t have as much fun engaging in this activity, maybe because I used a cloth to wrap around a tree rather than making my own quilt. Since it was so simple I didn’t really feel like in was engaging in art.
2. Algorithmic art– I actually had fun engaging in this activity and making my own rules however I wasn’t thrilled with my results. To me the end result didn’t look much like pretty art.
3. Arts funding– this activity was interesting but it didn’t really involve hands-on art and creating artwork which is why I didn’t enjoy it as much.

The three projects I like best were:
1. New media– I had so much fun creating this project. My sister helped me take the photos and it was a great bonding experience. I had so many good laughs while creating the project. Highly recommend to do this one again!
2. Student choice– I really enjoyed student choice because I actually love creating art but I just never have the time to engage in it. This gave me a reason and an opportunity to do something that I love but don’t have time for. I saw Groupon has a paintnite where you can learn to paint a scenery, if it weren’t for the student choice project I may have never bought the Groupon.
3. Social photography– I love taking photos and I have some really cool editing apps on my phone. With this project I was able to utilize my editing apps and share them with the class.


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