Week 14- new friend

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Beatrice Adanza. She is currently a  freshman and lives in Huntington Beach. I was surprised to learn she is Filipino and Japanese, I thought she was full Filipino. What’s even more surprising is she was born in the Philippines and lived there for 10 years but isn’t completely fluent in Tagolag. She looked very athletic so I wasn’t surprised to learn she is a Kinesiology major. She went to Edison high school where she ran track and field and played soccer. We both ran track in high school though she was a sprinter and focused on the 400, while I ran distance. Interestingly she  likes the beach but doesn’t like the open ocean, she also doesn’t like spicy food and eggs! I had a good time talking with Beatrice and I wish her the best with the rest of her college years.



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