week 15- art gallery

this week I interviewed artist Janelly Barragan. her photo first caught my attention because I saw the drummer of a band I used to listen to back in jr. high school called Blink 182! I actually wasn’t possitive if it was him or not so thats how I ended up interviewing her because I wanted to know if that was him or not. I was excited to find out that was him and we share a common interest in music. i then was mesmorized by the photo above the drummer which appeared to be a family portrait. I thought it was such a cute photo with her mom and dad and their holding her face. you can tell they truly love and adore her just by the  way they are posing with her in the photo. I was surprised to learn that this was recreated from a photo that was taken. the drawing was perfect and I couldnt believe this wasnt recreated with a computer! it was also exciting to learn that she was walking this semester which is something we have in common. hopefully i will see her at graduation!


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