week 15-new friend

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Roxana. She is a super sweet girl and this is her first year at CSULB. She is a psychology major which is actually the major I was considering going into. hearing her talk about pyschology made me want to be a psychology major!! She is from Torrance which is where my grandparents live so I am often times in that same area. we share the same interests of going to the beach in our spare time. I told Roxana that I actually prefer to go at night just because I love to watch the sun go down and set on the horizon, and she told me she actually prefers the beach at night for the very same reason! Most of our friends want to go in the heat of the day when it is super hot so they can tan, but we would much rather be at the beach when the moon is out. i was interested to hear that she has a twin brother who looks nothing like her. she said ehr brother is very tan while she is very fair. she showed me a photo of her brother and I would have never even guessed they were related. I had so much fun chattin with Roxana and I wish her the best in her college career!


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